What Is Your Beaverton Home Worth In The Rental Market?

Are you thinking about renting your Beaverton Home but you’re not sure what it’s worth in the current rental market? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

There’s no denying that the rental market is even more competitive than ever before but, the good news is that you can determine what your property should rent for when you follow these tips.

beaverton rental home

Tip #1 – Review Your Property Age And Condition

Your home may be a much-loved family home but, if it’s not been painted or renovated in some time, the age and condition of the property will affect what you can rent that property for.

Take the time to think like a renter and critically analyze your property from the front door to the back door because, this will help you to determine if your Beaverton home is ready to be rented or not.

Does the property need?

  • New flooring
  • Paint
  • Furnishings
  • Light fixtures

If the property has been well-maintained over the years, you may be able to invest in minimal repairs/upgrades before listing it for rent but, if your Oregon property needs major repairs, like a new roof, you should commit to making those repairs now before renting it out.

Tip #2 – Do A Comparable Analysis

After getting your property ready for rent, you should do a comparable analysis to determine what other similar properties in the Beaverton area are renting for.

During your comparable analysis, you will also be able to determine if adding additional amenities like onsite storage, dog run, patio or an RV pad will help to improve the value of your property and help you to rent it for more money.

rental property

Tip #3 – Hire A Property Management Company

Even though you could manage your rental property yourself, hiring a property management company is the best way to earn the most ROI from your property possible.

A property management company will save you the time/money and hassle of managing that property yourself, so you can focus on enjoying your life while earning passive income from that rental.

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