Rental Property Upgrades That Are Not Worth The Money

Are you planning on making upgrades to your Beaverton rental property?

Upgrading your rental property will help increase the value of your property, and keep your tenant happy, but some upgrades are not worth the money.

In this article, we will break down upgrades that you should not make to your Beaverton rental property.


Upgrades That Are Not Worth The Money

Granite Counter Tops – Yes, even though granite countertops are a favorite feature that many home design show gurus add to their rental properties, the reality is that these countertops are not worth the best investment for a rental property.

Granite countertops are not worth the investment because they are more costly than other solid surface countertop types and they can also be difficult to keep clean.

Elaborate Landscaping – When it comes to your Oregon rental property landscaping, all you need is a clean look in the front yard and a suitable backyard that also offers room for play.

What you don’t want to do is get elaborate with landscaping and add plants that require more time and maintenance because most tenants don’t want to spend time maintaining landscaping.

Wood Flooring – Every landlord wants to add the best features to their homes but wood flooring isn’t always the best option because it can be hard to clean/maintain and many tenants won’t have the time to invest in keeping the flooring clean.

For best results, use carpeting in the bedroom and dining areas, then use laminate or another type of high-use flooring that can easily be cleaned when needed.

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