Is Window Replacement Necessary For Your Rental Property?

Are you thinking about replacing the windows in your rental property but you’re not sure if you should make this improvement now, or continue to wait?

Windows are often the last thing that gets replaced because they can often last for more than 30 years, but there are obvious signs when it’s time to replace them.

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How To Know When To Replace The Windows In Your Rental Property

Age – If the windows in your rental property are more than 20 years old, this is one sign that you should consider replacing them.

Use – Have your tenants complained the windows are difficult to open or close? This is another sign that you should consider investing in new windows for your Oregon property.

Moisture – Most important of all, if your rental property has more moisture inside than normal, this is another sign that they should be replaced because that moisture will lead to mold and more repairs for your property.

Noise – Can you easily hear outside noise, even while you are inside your property? This is another sign that it’s time to replace those windows because a noisy property could make it difficult for your tenants to enjoy living there.

How Much Do New Windows Cost?

Window replacement can cost up to $1200 (or more) per window, depending on the style and material of the window, so it’s to choose a window that matches the style of your property while also being budget-friendly at the same time.

Some of the most basic types of windows include:

  • Casement windows
  • Awning windows
  • Bay windows
  • Slider windows
  • Picture windows
  • Single-hung windows
  • Double-hung windows

Once you replace the windows at your rental property, they should be inspected and maintained annually because proper window maintenance can help your investment to last 20-30 years.

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