How Do Oregon Real Estate Investors Benefit From Property Management?

One of the most common questions that Oregon Real Estate Investors have is how will they benefit from property management, when they can easily manage their rental properties themselves?

This is understandable, especially since the consensus among many investors is that DIY management is a ‘good thing’ for newbie real estate investors when in reality, property management is always better.

Why Do Oregon Real Estate Investors Need Property Management?

Let’s face it, time is money, and when an Oregon Real Estate investor hires a property manager, they will save the time, money, and hassle of managing their rental properties themselves.

Yes, an investor can manage their rental property but, the reality is that it’s always better to hire a property manager because an investor must be prepared to do everything including:

  • Property Marketing
  • Tenant Selection and Placement
  • Accounting
  • Customer Service
  • Rent Collection
  • Maintenance

Besides all of these individual aspects of property management, Oregon Real Estate Investors must be prepared to give up their time to manage their property and most investors don’t want to do that.

Thankfully, a property frees up an investor’s time so they can focus on growing their portfolio of investment properties in Oregon while also enjoying passive income from their property.

Benefits Of Hiring An Oregon Property Manager

Hiring a property manager in Beaverton Oregon will save an investor time and money but what are the other benefits that bring ROI?

  • Better ROI from rental property – A property manager will professionally manage an investor’s rental property so that they get the most ROI possible.
  • Increased property value – Investors who have to hire professional property managers often experience increased property value because the property has been professionally managed.
  • Improved tenant retention – Last of all, a property management company will also ensure that tenants stay longer than 12 months and tenant retention is a good thing because it means more long-term ROI from the property.

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How Your Tenants Can Decorate Their Rental Properties Without Damaging Them  

In today’s world, most tenants want to decorate their rental properties because they want to personalize those properties and make them feel like they are their own.

Sadly, when it comes to decorating, this often involves damage because some tenants may use screws and nails while other tenants go a little too far when it comes to personalizing their properties.


What Are The Do’s Of Decorating A Rental Property

The new time you rent to a new tenant, make sure that they are aware of the following do’s and don’t of decorating a rental property.

Do use command hooks – Thanks to command hooks, or similar products, it’s possible for tenants to decorate their rental properties without using nails or screws.

Do use area rugs – Using a few area rugs in a rental property can effectively personalize the floors of that property, make it feel more like a home, and also insulate the floors to limit heat loss during the winter.

Do use peel and stick wall coverings – Tenants who want to paint, or personalize the walls inside a property should be encouraged to use peel and stick wall coverings instead because these wall coverings offer a wide variety of patterns and are very easy to use.

Do invest in additional lighting – Another great way to personalize a rental property is lighting because adding more light can easily brighten up any dark space and make a rental property feel like home.

What Are The Don’t Of Decorating A Rental Property?

Don’t use nails or screws in walls – As we mentioned above, screws and nails are unnecessary in today’s world simply because command strips offer the same functionality and cause no damage to walls.

Don’t allow permanent fixtures without permission – If your tenant is thinking about adding a permanent fixture to the rental Oregon property, they must get your permission first. This is important because that fixture must complement the design/look of the property and be easy to remove (if needed) once the tenant moves out.

Don’t allow paint without permission – Tenants who want to paint their rental properties should be made aware that they can paint them only with your permission first.

This is important because if the tenant paints the property, they must be made aware that the property must be repainted a neutral color once they move out.

Some tenants will balk at repainting the property themselves before moving out, leaving this job to their landlords, so it’s best to make sure that they know they will be required to repaint or risk losing a portion of their security deposit due to this cost that you may incur.

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