Can You Avoid Eviction While Still Getting A Tenant To Move Out? Yes

Do you have a tenant living in your Beaverton rental property that you want to evict but you’re wondering if there are other alternatives to eviction that will get them out? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

Let’s face it, no landlord (or tenant) likes eviction because an average eviction can between 1-2 months and be very costly.

Thankfully, landlords don’t always have to choose eviction as their only alternative for getting a problem tenant out, especially if they follow these tips.


Offer Cash For Keys

Cash for keys is one of the oldest eviction alternatives out there today because there’s nothing simpler than offering your tenant a certain amount of cash if, they are willing to move out by a set date.

The key to success with a cash-for keys agreement is to make sure that you’re in full agreement with your tenant on the money that they are willing to accept and the terms of the agreement then it must be in writing.

Once the agreement is signed, you should do everything possible to make the situation work for your tenant, even renting them a U-Haul for the day, so they can move out with as little hassle to you as possible.

Talk With The Tenant

Many times, simple communication with a tenant is the key to success when it comes to turning a problem tenant into a good paying tenant once again.

If your tenant is behind on their rent, it’s best to reach out to them and find out what you can about their situation then do everything possible to resolve it.

They may be able to catch up on the back rent, if you agree to a payment arrangement, then once paid your tenant could likely return to the same attitude and responsible behavior that they had before.

Avoid These Mistakes When Trying to Get Tenants to Move Out

When you find yourself desperate to remove tenants from your properties, you may consider some more extreme measures. Some landlords make the mistake of attempting to rid themselves of their tenants without respecting lease agreements. Others use self-help eviction methods where they retake possession of a property without using the eviction process. Avoid using any of the following methods to force a tenant to leave your rental property:

Example of Illegal Self-help Evictions

  • Changing the locks while the tenant still lives on the property
  • Removing the tenant’s property
  • Failing to pay included utilities like water, cutting them off
  • Threats of any kind
  • Direct orders to leave

Landlord Consequences of a “Self-help” Eviction

If you do use any of these methods above, you could easily find yourself in hot water. A lawsuit is the last thing anyone in business should want to deal with, and any of these could be offenses that could lead to your tenant rightfully suing you and damaging your business.

Every state has rules that all landlords must follow when removing a tenant from their property. Below we compare four different areas to demonstrate the potential consequences landlords face for taking the law into their own hands.


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