Solutions For Dealing With Terrible Tenants

Life as a landlord can certainly be interesting and one thing that every landlord has to expect sooner rather than later is having a terrible tenant.

Thankfully, dealing with terrible tenants can be easy, especially if you follow these simple tips.

Tip #1 – Stay Calm And Objective

The most important thing to do when communicating with a terrible tenant is to stay calm, rational, and objective because if you let your emotions get in the way, that will only make the problem worse.

Besides approaching the situation calmly, you should also be willing to listen to all sides of the story because the tenant may not be as bad as you initially thought.


Tip #2 – Keep Records Of Everything In Writing

Once you first reach out to the tenant, the next thing that you must do is keep records of everything that was said between you and the tenant in writing.

Having written records of everything is essential because this will eliminate any questions about what was said in your communication with the tenant and those records will help should you need to evict your tenant as well.

Tip #3 – Teach Them How They Should Communicate With You

Last of all, but most important, if the main issue with the terrible tenant is poor communication, you should teach them how they should treat you and eliminate any issues with communication in the future.

This also means offering your tenant multiple ways to reach you should they need to contact you shortly.

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