Top Questions Tenants Will Ask Before Choosing A Beaverton Rental Property

Owning a Beaverton Rental Property is a great way to earn long-term passive income but the reality is that you first have to find the right tenants before you can generate income from that property.

During the process of screening tenants, you’re going to face several common questions from tenants including the following:


Can I Change My Rent Due Date To The 15th?

There’s no denying that in today’s world most people don’t get paid at the first of the month like they used to.

It’s not uncommon for people to get paid once a month, or on specific days of the month and this is why you may be asked by a tenant if they would consider changing when their rent is due to another day in the month, like the 15th, instead of the first of the month.

When this situation occurs, it’s best to remember that you should not deviate from your rent collection policy because collecting rent from some tenants on the 15th of the month, while collecting rent from others on the first of the month, will build inconsistency in your business.

Your goal as an Oregon landlord is to generate consistent cash flow every month and this also means that you should always collect the rent at the first of the month since this will also help you to avoid changing your internal policy for a few of your tenants.

Can I Pre-Pay My Rent?

Another common question that you may be asked by some of your tenants is if they can pre-pay their rent up to 6 months in advance.

Although having that rental income upfront would be nice, the reality is that there may be a reason why they want to pre-pay rent and you should do a full credit/background check on them before you say yes.

Can You Change Your Pet Policy?

Pets in rental properties are always going to be a yes, or no thing with landlords so if you don’t feel comfortable letting pets live in your property, you shouldn’t hesitate to say no to pets because it’s likely that you will face some tenants who want you to change it.

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