Tips For Effective Rent Collection      

Rent collection is the nuts and bolts of every rental property business because if your tenants don’t pay their rents on time, you won’t have the income that you need to cover your mortgage payment and other expenses.

Thankfully, even though you may have had a problem with rent collection in the past, you can get back on track with your tenants by following these tips.

Tip #1 – Create A Rent Collection Policy

One of the most important things to do when renting property to tenants is to have a rent collection policy. This means that you must state in writing how, when, and where you expect to be paid rent.

Breaking it down, your rent collection policy must include the following:

  • When rent is due
  • How much must be paid
  • Grace periods
  • Late fees
  • How tenants can pay

Creating a ‘rock solid’ rent collection policy will eliminate any guesswork about Oregon rent collection and ensure that your tenants are on the same page as you regarding their responsibilities.

Tip #2 – Don’t Ignore Tenants Who Pay Late

Once you encounter a tenant who pays late, don’t ignore their late payment.

Dealing with tenants who pay late is a vital part of owning rental properties because, once you ignore those tenants who pay late, there’s a strong possibility that they will pay late again in the future. After all, you let their last late payment slide.

Tip #3 – Offer Multiple Ways For Tenants To Pay Their Rent

Since we live in the internet age, it’s more important than ever before for landlords to offer their tenants more than one way to pay their rent.

This means that you should allow payment by debit, credit, ACH, check, etc. because, it’s an effective way to eliminate the age-old excuse from tenants that ‘the check is in the mail’.

Tip #4 – Hire A Property Manager

Last of all, but most important, hiring a property manager is the best way to ensure that rent is paid on time each month because a property management company will ensure that rent is paid on time each month and you won’t have to do any work yourself.

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Besides rent collection, our team also specializes in accounting, maintenance, collections, property marketing, and more.

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How To Future Proof Your Beaverton Rental Property

Are you planning on turning your single-family home into a Beaverton Rental property? If so, like most owners you’re probably concerned about wear and tear at your rental property.

Wear and tear are a fact of life when you own a rental propert, but the good news is that you can easily prepare that property for wear when you ‘future proof’ it by following these simple tips.

Tip #1 – Choose Durable Materials Vs. Trendy Materials

Even though you may be tempted to install granite countertops and a stylish backsplash in your kitchen, the reality is that those features will cost more than durable materials and they may not last as long.

Focus on choosing durable materials each time you plan on investing in upgrades for your property and you will find that those materials cost less and last longer than trendy materials.

Tip #2 – Choose Neutral Floor And Wall Colors

Another way to ‘future proof’ your Beaverton rental property is to choose neutral floor and wall colors.

This tip is effective because it will save you the hassle of having to search for specific custom colors each time you have to repaint and most of all, your rental property will have a timeless appeal.

Also, when it comes to installing flooring, you should install hard surfaces next to entryways on the property. Doing this will help your tenants to keep the carpet clean and ensure that it will last longer.

Tip #3 – Choose Quality Light Fixtures And Bulbs

Last of all, but most important, another effective way to ‘future proof’ your property is to choose good quality light fixtures and bulbs.

Light fixtures can easily last 10-20 years so it’s best to invest in good quality fixtures that will last.

When choosing light fixtures for the bedrooms in your property, consider adding ceiling fans. Doing this will make it easy for your tenants to cool the rooms in the rental property without having to run the air conditioner.

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How Your Tenants Can Decorate Their Rental Properties Without Damaging Them  

In today’s world, most tenants want to decorate their rental properties because they want to personalize those properties and make them feel like they are their own.

Sadly, when it comes to decorating, this often involves damage because some tenants may use screws and nails while other tenants go a little too far when it comes to personalizing their properties.


What Are The Do’s Of Decorating A Rental Property

The new time you rent to a new tenant, make sure that they are aware of the following do’s and don’t of decorating a rental property.

Do use command hooks – Thanks to command hooks, or similar products, it’s possible for tenants to decorate their rental properties without using nails or screws.

Do use area rugs – Using a few area rugs in a rental property can effectively personalize the floors of that property, make it feel more like a home, and also insulate the floors to limit heat loss during the winter.

Do use peel and stick wall coverings – Tenants who want to paint, or personalize the walls inside a property should be encouraged to use peel and stick wall coverings instead because these wall coverings offer a wide variety of patterns and are very easy to use.

Do invest in additional lighting – Another great way to personalize a rental property is lighting because adding more light can easily brighten up any dark space and make a rental property feel like home.

What Are The Don’t Of Decorating A Rental Property?

Don’t use nails or screws in walls – As we mentioned above, screws and nails are unnecessary in today’s world simply because command strips offer the same functionality and cause no damage to walls.

Don’t allow permanent fixtures without permission – If your tenant is thinking about adding a permanent fixture to the rental Oregon property, they must get your permission first. This is important because that fixture must complement the design/look of the property and be easy to remove (if needed) once the tenant moves out.

Don’t allow paint without permission – Tenants who want to paint their rental properties should be made aware that they can paint them only with your permission first.

This is important because if the tenant paints the property, they must be made aware that the property must be repainted a neutral color once they move out.

Some tenants will balk at repainting the property themselves before moving out, leaving this job to their landlords, so it’s best to make sure that they know they will be required to repaint or risk losing a portion of their security deposit due to this cost that you may incur.

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2022 Guide To Understanding Security Deposits And Deductions

Are you planning on renting a rental property in Beaverton Oregon, and have questions about security deposits or deductions?

A security deposit is a set amount of money that a landlord will ask you to pay in advance because that money will be held by the landlord throughout your tenancy, and it will only be used if repairs are needed if you move out, or if you left any unpaid bills.

Before signing your rental agreement, you should read through your entire lease so that you have an understanding of the security deposit amount, including your landlords’ expectations for maintenance at the property during your tenancy.

What Are The Common Reasons For Security Deposit Deductions?

Besides maintenance or unpaid bills at the rental property, some of the other common reasons for security deposit deductions include:

  • Breaking the lease early
  • Non-payment of rent
  • Unpaid utility bills
  • Major cleaning costs

Your landlord must provide you with a complete breakdown of how your security deposit was used just so you can move on to your next Oregon property without having to wonder if the money was used correctly or not.

Best Ways To Get Your Security Deposit Back

Let’s face it, in today’s world, no tenant likes having to pay thousands of dollars for a security deposit, this is understandable because rents are only continuing to increase each year.

Thankfully, there are a variety of things that you can do to get your security deposit back including the following:

Take care of your rental property – Regardless of whether you’re moving into a single-family home or apartment, you should take care of that rental because it will mean less maintenance for your landlord after you move out.

Clean before you move – Although some tenants don’t care about cleaning their rental property before they move, cleaning is important because if you live the property in ‘move-in ready condition’, it will be easier for your landlord to rent the unit and give you your full security deposit back.

Give proper notice before moving – Last of all, don’t hesitate to give your landlord proper notice before you move out.

This tip is very important because your landlord can work with you to inspect the property before you move, giving you time to clean or fix any issues, eliminating the need for them to deduct money from your security deposit.

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Tips For Lowering Vacancy Rates And Increasing Renewals

Vacancies are something that no landlord looks forward to because they mean that one of their properties is unoccupied and not producing income.

Thankfully, it’s easier than ever before for Oregon landlords to lower vacancy rates and increase their renewals by following these simple tips.

Tip #1 – Make The Landlord-Tenant Relationship A Priority

Let’s face it, landlords and tenants need each other because the landlord needs to have an occupied rental property while the tenant needs a place to live.

This is why the landlord and tenant should prioritize their relationship with the tenant and make a point of having a presence in their tenant’s life so that they know that the landlord doesn’t view them as more than a source of revenue.

Some of the things that landlords can do to improve their relationship with their tenants include:

  • Provide the tenant with multiple ways to reach the landlord.
  • Respond to tenant complaints or maintenance issues immediately.
  • Keep promises to the tenant.
  • Remembering the tenants’ birthdays and having a least one special event per year to interact with the tenants.

Tip #2 – Stay Open To Feedback

Most tenants hate moving, especially after they’ve found a rental property that seemingly offers them everything they’ve been searching for.

Some tenants will think about moving if they feel that the landlord isn’t receptive to their feedback, especially when it concerns things that can be done to improve the rental property.

Landlords should always encourage feedback and let their tenants know that they are listening, especially if the tenant offers feedback for things that can be done to help the tenant to have a more enjoyable experience while living at the property.

Tip #3 – Offer The Tenant Renewal Incentives

Last of all, but most important, landlords shouldn’t hesitate to offer renewal incentives to their tenants, especially if those incentives may lead some tenants to renew their leases a month or two early.

Some of the renewal incentives that landlords should consider offering include gift cards, cash, parking benefits, discounts on their rent, or possibly a new television.

These are just a few practical ideas that landlords can utilize to increase renewal rates and keep good tenants for years to come.

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Property Management Beaverton Portland

Are you searching for property management Beaverton Portland because you own rental properties locally and you need someone who specializes in both the Beaverton and PDX area? If so, you’ve come to the right place!

At Rent Portland Homes – Professionals, we specialize in local property management that will save you the hassle of managing rental properties yourself.

Property management is essential for investors becase it’s what will enable you to earn passive income from your rental properties, without becoming overburdened with the day-to-day aspects of management.

Real Property Management Beaverton Portland

Unlike some companies that only say that they offer property management in Beaverton or Portland, we have decades of experience, and references from happy clients who have relied on us for all of their property management needs for years.

Our Property Management Beaverton Portland company offers a full suite of property management services including:

  • Property Marketing
  • Tenant Screening / Placement
  • Rent Collection
  • Maintenance
  • Customer Service

Imagine never having to answer your phone at night, weekends or during holidays knowing that you may have to deal with a problem tenant. Our Oregon team will do all of the work for your Beaverton rental property, or PDX rental, so you don’t have to!

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Beaverton Property Management – Get Professional Property Management Today!

Are you searching for Beaverton Property Management? If so, you’ve come to the right place!

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Thankfully, with our professional team of Beaverton Property Managers, you can have peace of mind in knowing that every aspect of property management will be handled for you so that there’s nothing that you have to do yourself.

Instead of having to cut the grass at your rental property, change a toilet, let tenants back in during the middle of the night, or something else, you can have confidence that all of those aspects of property management will be handled for you.

Let Us Be Your Beaverton Property Management Company

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been managing your rental property yourself for years, or you’re just getting started with owning rental properties, hiring a property manager is the best way to earn passive income from a rental property while also still enjoying your life.

Our property management company in Beaverton OR has been managing Beaverton rentals for years and we also specialize in managing properties across the PDX area so our owners don’t have to do the extra work anytime they invest in new rental properties.

Some of the wide variety of services that we can offer you include rent collection, maintenance, customer service, accounting, evictions, property marketing, and more!

Enjoy Passive Income From Your Beaverton Rental Property

Life is too short to be stressed out from owning your rental property! Let us show you how our experienced team of Beaverton Property Management professionals will help you to simplify your life while earning the most passive income from your property possible.

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Property Management In Beaverton Oregon

Searching for property management in Beaverton Oregon? If so, contact our experienced team of Beaverton Property Management professionals by calling us at (503) 646-9664 or click here to connect with us online.

As long time Beaverton Oregon property managers, you can count on us to provide you with all of the property management services that you need for your rental property including:

  • Beaverton Rental Property Marketing
  • Tenant Selection
  • Tenant Placement
  • Maintenance
  • Customer Service
  • Accounting
  • And More!

Working with a local property manager in the 2020s is more important now, than ever before, because we stay on top of all the local rental laws, regulations, and rules, so you don’t have to!

In today’s changing times, it makes more sense than ever before for an owner to work with a Beaverton property manager because we will guarantee that your property will rent for the most competitive rent possible while helping you to avoid traditional pitfalls that come with DIY management

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